Week 1

Monday June 17th

  • Introductions

Tuesday June 18th

  • Swimming*

Wednesday June 19th 

  • YA – Sparez Bowling – Wear camp shirt, socks and white soled sneakers

Thursday June 20th 

  • Swimming*

Friday June 21st 

  • Tikiz Snow Cones and Magic Show


Week 2

Monday June 24th 

  • Color Wars

Tuesday June 25th 

  • Swimming*

Wednesday June 26th

  • YA – Laser Tag – Wear camp shirt and closed toed shoes

Thursday June 27th 

  • Swimming*

Friday June 28th 

  • Gecko Parx- Bring a bagged lunch


Week 3

Monday July 1st 

  • Color Wars

Tuesday July 2nd 

  • Swimming*

Wednesday July 3rd 

  • YA – LUNCH off campus- TBD – Wear camp shirt– Bring $5-$10.00

Thursday July 4th 

  • No camp 4th of July

Friday July 5th 

  • Jungle Island- Bring a bagged lunch


Week 4

Monday July 8th

  • Color Wars

Tuesday July 9th 

  • Swimming*

Wednesday July 10th

  • YA – Dave and Busters-  Wear camp shirt

Thursday July 11th

  • Swimming*

Friday July 12th 

  • Field Trip TBD (To be determined)


Week 5

Monday July 15th 

  • Color Wars

Tuesday July 16th 

  • Swimming*

Wednesday July 17th 

  • YA- TBD

Thursday July 18th 

  • Swimming*

Friday July 19th 

  • Movie & In the Game Sawgrass- Lunch is included

Week 6

Monday July 22nd 

  • Color Wars

Tuesday July 23rd

  • Swimming*

Wednesday July 24th 

  • YA – TBD

Thursday July 25th 

  • Swimming*

Friday July 26th 

  • Lion Country Safari Lunch is included


Week 7

Monday July 29th 

  • Color Wars

Tuesday July 30th 

  • Swimming*

Wednesday July 31st 

  • YA – TBD

Thursday Aug 1st 


  • Swimming*


Friday Aug 2nd 

  • End of camp BBQ and Party

*Please bring bathing suit, towel, sunscreen, and appropriate footwear
**Activities are subject to change